As Seen In

As Seen In

The Washington Post – Michelle Singletary, Nov 12, 2015

“You go to college to earn a degree that enables you to pursue your career and financial independence,” said Karthigan Srinivasan of Clinton, N.J., who has an online personal finance blog, “I would vote for minimizing the room and board cost as much as possible so that you graduate out of college with minimal debt.”


National Financial Educators Council – March 29, 2016

“Karthigan Michael Srinivasan of StretchADime is author of a book designed to help high school-aged youth form the right perspective for dealing with money. Srinivasan plans to reach out proactively to school boards around the U.S. this April to offer them free electronic copies of his book.”


Super Saving Tips – April 26, 2016

High School Money Hacks book review by personal finance blogger Gary Weiner.


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