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Save Money on Auto Insurance

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Shopping for auto insurance is lot of effort if you are trying to get quotes from one company at a time. First thing to do is to determine how much coverage you need – the most easy route would be to use the information in your current policy’s declaration page. Here are a few sites where you could get real quotes (not estimates) and be able to select a cost effective auto insurance that fits your needs in less than 10 minutes.

Compare has partnered with 18 insurance companies. You need to fill in your information just once in an online form with your driver and vehicle information. Once completed you get real quotes (not estimates) based on the information you submitted from several companies. Then all you got to do is review the quotes and sign up with the one you like.

Insurance has partnered with 25 insurance companies. Same as above, you fill in your information once and you receive real quotes (not estimates). Then all you got to do is review the quotes and sign up with the one you like.

Metromile is a major shift in paradigm. You pay for your insurance on a per-mile driven basis. Think of it like a pay as you go cell phone. If you don’t drive much, this is something you could consider.

Key things to consider:

  • Review quotes and ensure you are getting adequate coverage per your needs.
  • If you can bear the impact of a higher deductible, then go with a $1000 deductible instead of $500. This will help you cut down your insurance cost.
  • J.D. Power rates insurance companies based on customer satisfaction. Review ratings before switching to the new company that you just selected.
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