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Republic Wireless Review

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Republic wireless is a cell phone service provider that uses Wifi first for all calls and data and uses the cellular network as the fall back. They call it the “hybrid calling” technology – the switch between Wifi and cellular network is seamless to the end user.

You might wonder, they are yet another cell phone service provider in an already crowded space. What is their value add? Let us explore.  If I were to switch cell phone carriers, I would ask these following questions.





What cellular network does Republic Wireless use?

They use the Sprint cellular network.

All you need to do is set up your phone to automatically connect to an available Wifi network. For example, if you are connected to the Wifi at home and work, then Republic Wireless will use the Wifi for all your calls and data when you surf, text, or stream data.

How much does Republic Wireless Service Cost?

Republic Wireless has plans ranging from $10 – $85. From my perspective, I would not be interested in any plan that costs more than $25. If it does, I would take my business elsewhere. So, this brings us down to three calling plan choices:

$10.00 Plan: Unlimited talk + text – buy data as needed

$17.50 Plan: Unlimited talk + text, 500 MB data (unused cell phone data is credited towards next month’s bill)

$25.00 Plan: Unlimited talk + text, 1 GB data (unused cell phone data is credited towards next month’s bill)

There are no contracts to sign and there are no hidden fees.


Can you bring your own device (BYOD)?

No, unfortunately this is not an option. You will need to purchase a device from Republic Wireless that has been enabled with “hybrid calling” technology.


Republic Wireless Smartphone Choices

Your choice is limited to two Android phones, so you will have to pick one:

(A) Motorola MOTO G (3rd gen) – $199

(B) Motorola MOTO E (2nd gen) – $129


Image Courtesy – Republic Wireless


Can I port my number over to Republic Wireless?

Yes, you should be able to port your number over to Republic wireless. You can check if your number can be ported on their site.


How is the cellular Coverage for Republic Wireless in my area?

You can enter your street address on their website and they tell you how good their cell phone coverage in your area is.


What about Republic Wireless Customer Support?

There is no 1-800 number you can call for support. All their support is done via tickets submitted online. From what I have read so far, you get pretty quick responses to the tickets submitted. If you are looking talk to someone for support / service, then Republic wireless is not for you. This is how they save money and pass you the savings.


You might want to ask me the following questions: Hey Michael, are you using Republic Wireless? If not, what is holding you back?

Currently, no. I am very tempted to try them out, but not yet. I bought an iPhone 5 in Oct 2014 and I am currently on a prepaid plan with Verizon wireless. I want to get the maximum mileage out of my iPhone 5 before I give Republic wireless a try.


Overall, Republic Wireless is a good value service. Think about it, you get unlimited talk and text for  $10 a both – that is a great value – that is what Stretch A Dime is all about – trying to find the best value for money. The subscriber base seems to be happy with it and Republic Wireless user base has been growing steadily.


If you are cost sensitive, and are wanting to cut down your cell phone bill, and use that money towards something like building your emergency funds or towards paying off credit cards, then I would recommend giving Republic Wireless a try. The $17.50 plan with unlimited talk+text, and 500 MB data would be a great place to start.



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