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Free Cell Phone Service

RingPlus is a cellular phone service that uses the Sprint Nationwide network. They have several cell phone plans to choose from. I have highlighted the one that is 100% free – it is called the “Truly Free” Plan. There is no contract or activation fees. Here is a short summary of what is offered as part of the free plan:

“Truly Free” Plan (per month details below): 

  • 125 minutes talk
  • 40 SMS
  • 10 MB 4G LTE data

Here is the link to all their current cell phone plan offers and details.

How do they make money if they give you the service for free? When you make a call, you typically hear the phone ringing until someone answers the phone. With RingPlus, you would hear advertisements instead of “phone ringing” until someone answers the phone.

Phones: When it comes to phones, they have what is called “BYOSD” – Bring Your Own Sprint Device.  Activation is free. Here is the link to check if your Sprint Phone will work in the RingPlus network. They have support for most of the popular phones including Apple, Android, Google Nexus, and more. Their help page shows how each of these need to be set up to join the RingPlus network.

Porting In and Porting Out: According to their website, you can port your number in to RingPlus service. If you don’t like the service and want to switch carriers, you can port your number out.

Please take the time to review and do your research before choosing to go with RingPlus.  If you want cell phone service at no cost, and you have an unused Sprint Phone that is compatible with RingPlus, I see no harm in giving them a try with the “Truly Free” plan. You basically check phone eligibility, sign up, configure and activate your phone based on instructions provided on their help page and you should be good to go. If you want to pay money for cell phone service, I would recommend that you take your money somewhere else.

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