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Evernote Review

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Do you feel like you have a million things to track? Where is that address that I wrote down? Darn, just can’t find that business card that of a person I met a few days back. Where is that piece of paper I wrote down the number for the school bus driver? Can you relate to this?

I find myself in this spot often.

It gets more interesting. Often times, I write down notes on envelops or other paper that is readily accessible on my desk. Believe me, these are very important notes.

Suddenly after some time, I will see a clean desk and all my notes would have disappeared.

Then I will scream, Saraaah…what did you do to all my stuff?

Sarah likes a clean home, so my valuable clutter of paper with useful notes sometimes ends up in the trash can.

We will have a loud discussion about it and then we will repeat the above process almost to perfection.

We have been doing this for almost 15 years at the time of this writing, blogging rather.

I may have finally found a way around this problem – Evernote – a note taking app that is almost a perfect electronic replacement for my paper notes.


Evernote Review

Evernote has been around since 2007. Here is a list of key things I really like about Evernote.

#1 Notes 

You can capture text, images, and voice memos as notes. You can create several notebooks and create notes inside each notebook.

Your note could be picture that you just took, something that you wrote on a paper napkin, a receipt picture, an idea you scribbled on an envelop, voice memo to yourself, or simply a text note you type in.

You get your own email address – you could send an email to this email address and it would turn into a note.

Any of these would qualify as a note on Evernote.

The breadth of options and flexibility is simply amazing and it is super easy to use.


#2 Reminders

You can set individual reminders on your notes.


#3 To Do Lists

Of course, no app is complete without having a to do list. Yes, you can create to do lists.


#4 Syncing Devices

With the basic (free) option, in addition to your desktop / laptop, you can sync up to two additional devices. This is plenty good for me.


#5 Clippling Web Articles

With a browser extension it is very easy to clip a web article for later reading or just save up what you just read.

Sometimes, I have spent hours searching for a page that forgot to save up in my bookmarks.

Clipping web articles is easy and it is all consolidated into your Evernote notebook for convenient reference at a later point


#6 Sharing

Sharing your note is super easy – you can email your note to anyone, share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), or send a weblink of your note for anyone to read.


#7 Plans & Pricing

Basic plan allows you to sync up to two devices (phone / tablet) in addition to your desktop / laptop.

The basic plan should suffice if it is for personal use. You might want to consider the plus or premium version if you plan to it for work, a collaborative project, or for your business.

I just touched the tip of the iceberg on what Evernote has to offer.

Hopefully, this gives you a jump start to get you going. There are three plans – basic (free), plus ($34.99 / year), and premium ($69.99 / year).

Give Evernote a try, I think you will like it. You can use, evaluate, and determine which version suits your need best.


Have you used Evernote? What do you like or dislike about it. What app do you use for notes?  If you liked this post, please share it in social media.


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