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Receive a free gift from the U.S. President

Wouldn’t it be cool to receive a free gift from the U.S. President? I don’t know about you, but I sure would be excited to receive a free gift from the U.S. President. Okay, let me cut the chase and get straight to the point. If you are a citizen of the United States, then you could request a free greeting from the U.S. President. You are eligible to request a greeting if you meet one the following categories:


  • Baby Greeting: You can request a baby greeting as long as your child is less than one year of age. Request must be made after the baby is born.
  • Birthday Greeting: If you are a civilian celebrating your 80th or greater birthday, you can request for a greeting from the President. If you are veteran celebrating your 70th or greater birthday, you could request a greeting from the President. Request must be made six weeks before the birthday.
  • Wedding Anniversary Greeting: If you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, you could request for an anniversary card. Request must be made six weeks in advance.
  • Retirement Greeting: If you have worked for 20 years or longer and have retired, you could request for a greeting.

The ones I have listed above are some of the popular categories. Please check the website below for all other categories for which you might be eligible to receive a greeting from the President. Please read and comply with the rules and requirements as specified in the link provided below. You can make the request for the greeting online at:

White House Presidential Greetings

This is a great way of making your special day memorable! As a U.S. citizen, you receive this gift absolutely free.

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