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Feed The Hungry!

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Stretch A Dime is about being a good steward of money – this includes giving. The World Bank has set the international poverty threshold to U.S. $1.90 (~$2.00). According to U.S. Department of U.S. Health and Sciences, the poverty threshold in the U.S. for a family of three is an annual income of $20,090, which equates to about $18 per person per day. Do you know that about a little over 1% of the American population lives below the international poverty line of $2 per person per day? Yes, it is true!

$2-per-day poverty in our own backyard

I am currently reading a book $2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America. This book is written by Kathryn J. Edin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology at John Hopkins University and H. Luke Shaefer, Associate Professor, University of Michigan School of Social Work.


Here is an extract from the book:

“In early 2011, 1.5 million households with roughly 3 million children were surviving on cash incomes of no more that $2 per person, per day in any given month. That’s about one out of every twenty-five families with children in America. … It further appeared that the experience of living below the $2-a-day threshold didn’t discriminate by family type or race.”

You can read of about the lives of real people struggling to feed their children and themselves in this book:

“Jessica Compton’s family of four would have no cash income unless she donated plasma twice a week at her local donation center in Tennessee. Modonna Harris and her teenage daughter Brianna in Chicago often have no food but spoiled milk on weekends.”

I provided this information to drive some awareness about the forgotten 1% – the poorest in America! When we think about poverty, we immediately have a tendency to think about under developed or developing countries. There is poverty right where we live and we don’t even know it exists.

Feed the Hungry

It is written, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required.” We have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate, to feed the hungry – ever more so! Stretch A Dime is about being a good steward of money – this includes giving. During this joyful Christmas season, as you celebrate with your family, make giving a priority.

I would encourage you to give to your local food bank in cash or in kind. There are several ways to give:

  • You could donate to food banks through your church.
  • You could donate through your employer. Many employers match your charitable contributions to food banks.
  • You could donate directly to your local community food bank. Feeding America is a nationwide network which can help you locate your local food bank if you enter your zip code.

Feed the hungry!

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