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It’s Not What You Make It’s What You Keep

Hey everyone! I have a guest post here today from personal finance blogger Andrew Daniels over at Family Money Plan.  

(This is the #2 in a series of Money Principles from Family Money Plan)




Everyone always seems to be looking for ways to make more money. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to making extra money. From delivering pizzas, to babysitting, to trading binary options (which FYI I have no clue what that means) we are a society obsessed with making more and more money.


Why wouldn’t we be? It’s a great thing to do; more money today can often mean more freedom later. In ways it’s like a form of self-improvement.


But when it comes to making more money, there is something we should do first.


Take a good long look at your finances.


So many of us start looking to make more money and that will not solve the problem, it will only make it worse. We are looking in the wrong spot.


Here’s the point: More money doesn’t solve problems it only magnifies them


How can you expect to be in any better shape financially, when you earn money now and it just goes right back out the door?


It doesn’t make sense!


Before looking for ways to earn more, look at your money situation, and ask yourself one thing:


Does your money plan have holes in it?


Here’s a hint: If you aren’t saving more every month, your money plan has a hole in it.


Did you know that in your lifetime you will most likely have earned at least a million dollars? Most likely more! In some cases a lot more.


That’s a lot of money passing through your hands. Think about it if you earn at least $20,000 a year and work for 50 years you are a million dollar earner.


What’s more important is how much of that money you keep.


You’re first priority should be getting your money affairs in order


I have met people that literally earn a quarter of a million dollars every year and have nothing to show for it!


Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Don’t get me wrong they have their stuff of course, which they get rid of to buy new stuff.


Net Worth? They don’t have anything, unless you count a growing deficit. They rent their house; lease a new car every year. It’s mind-boggling to someone like me.


Keeping up with the Joneses has made them broke. It’s sad but true.


I have also met people who earn less than a tenth of that same amount and have managed to amass a net worth of over a million dollars and some have even found early retirement thanks to their savings.


How To Improve


The best way I know to get better with something is to keep track of it. Track your monthly spending. There are so many software and apps out there, or if you are old school use a pen and paper.


Start tracking your net worth and see if it’s growing every month. If it’s not, you are probably spending too much money.


Bottom line:


Take control of your money situation. Control over your finances can relieve stress and lead to happiness. The second you take control of your spending the better you will feel.


This is a guest post from fellow personal finance blogger Andrew Daniels. Andrew blogs over at where he writes about how he paid off his $320,000 mortgage and is now focused on finding financial freedom. 



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