Discount Gift Cards – Capitalize in Three ways

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If you buy gift cards from a retail store, you are going to pay the full retail price. For example, you would pay $25 to get a $25 Home Depot gift card.  If you buy gift cards online, you could probably get the same $25 Home Depot card for ~$20.  Online stores have a huge collection of gift cards from most of the popular brands that covers a wide range – grocery stores, restaurants, apparel, cosmetics, movie theaters etc…


Three ways to capitalize on gift cards:

#1 Family / Friends – this is the most straight forward part. You could purchase more store dollars for less.  This means you could give more to your family / friends on special occasions.


#2 Home Improvements – if you are living the American dream and have the pride of home ownership, then you typically make your pilgrimage to Home Depot or Loews for home upgrade, repair, and / or maintenance on a regular basis. You could buy yourself a gift card at a discount online and then use it when you make your next visit to Home Depot.


#3 Groceries – this is the biggest bang for the buck. On average, a family spends probably $100 a week on groceries. That is $5200 a year in grocery spending. For example, you could buy a $100 Walmart gift card for about $97 at an online gift card store.   That is a 3% saving on a weekly basis. Over a year, you would save $156 purchasing groceries using gift cards. Why would you want to walk away from that.


I recently bought a card at 15% discount for personal use.  I had no issues using it. Check them out, save yourself some money, and give yourself a raise., and Save Ya  are online stores you could shop at to get gift cards at a huge discount from most popular brands.


Happy Savings!


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