I use practical real life situations to teach and apply financial principles and concepts in your day to day life.  There are awesome textbooks available that teach you finance, however there aren’t many that teach you how to apply it to your daily life. In the educational posts below, I pose a real life situation. Then I illustrate how financial principles can be applied to make better decisions in real life on a daily basis.

Personal Finance Checklist:

  • Checklist for Personal Finance – a prioritized list / guide
  • Importance of having Beneficiaries – emphasizes the importance of having the correct beneficiary information and the issues you could face if the information is incorrect or missing.
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance – disability insurance is basically insuring your paycheck if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Read more to see how important it is to have disability insurance.
  • Estate Planning – Wills and Living Trusts – importance of having a simple Will. Provides an overview of Wills and Living Trusts, explains the most common legal terms used, and helps you understand what is involved in the process at a high level.
  • Estate Planning – Power of Attorney Health and Finances – an overview of Living Will (which has nothing to do with the traditional Will), durable powers of attorney heath, and durable powers of attorney finances.
  • Life Insurance  – the importance of having life insurance, what should be considered when determining how much insurance is needed, the different methods of calculating how much life insurance is needed.
  • Emergency Funds – in this post, I highlight the importance of emergency funds, share an anecdote from my personal life and recommend a strategy to build up your emergency funds.
  • Budgeting / Cash flow management – importance of budgeting and living within ones means.
  • Retirement Planning – in this post, I provide a high level overview of all things to be considered as part of retirement planning.
  • Pay off High Interest Debt – in this post, I provide an overview of the two commonly used strategies – Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche – to pay off high interest debt.
  • Do you know your Net Worth? – What is net worth? How to go about calculating your net worth? How to track your financial well being?


Time Value of Money:

  • Time Value of Money – this is a fundamental corner stone lesson on personal finance. If you take the time to understand this concept, this should help you make very effective financial decisions in your day to day life.


Debt Free Living:


College Education:



  • Sally Has a Retirement Question – this is simple lesson on to calculate required nest egg for retirement and how much monthly contribution needs to be made to achieve the nest egg.
  • How much should you save for retirement? – A practical step by step walk through on how much you should save for retirement. You can use this post as a guidance and calculate the nest egg you need for your retirement by changing a few variables.
  • Know your Paycheck – A guide and introduction to saving money for retirement.
  • Managing 401k Investments – A guide that highlights the advantages of passive investing
  • Understanding IRAs – Traditional, Roth, and Rollover IRAs – provides a high level overview of the types of IRA available.
  • Understanding Annuities – an overview of what an annuity is with an example scenario and also explains the various types of annuities that are available today.


Asset Allocation:




Life Insurance:

  • Life Insurance  – the importance of having life insurance.
  • PolicyGenius – an online insurance broker platform that helps you find the best value for your money when you are shopping for a term life insurance.


Saving Money:


Credit Report and Credit Scores: