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Friends, Today I have my blog post  featured on The Frugal Farmer.  Below is a teaser, please click on over to read the full post.


Some years back, I bought a young lime plant, and planted it in my backyard. I spent a good amount of time taking care of it when the plant was young. In a few years it grew to become a decent sized lime tree and started producing lime.


My daughter and I would go and harvest the lime. We would make fresh limeade and my family would enjoy it. Every summer, we would harvest literally hundreds of lime. We would give away some of the produce to our friends.


When the lime plant had grown into a tree, I didn’t really have much to do in terms of taking care of it. We spent more time harvesting lime and enjoying the limeade.


Passive income is very similar in nature. Initially, you may need to put in some work.


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