Life’s Curveball

Life happens…I had just reflected upon 2016…and then life happens…I call it life’s curve ball.

On a week day, the morning routine is over, the kids are off to school, Sarah and I are off to work.


Life’s Curve Ball

Life goes on as usual. A couple of hours later…I get a call from the school nurse regarding our little one…

One hour later, we are at the Children’s hospital ER!


A few hours pass…we are in pediatric ICU…three days later…kiddo is okay and we return back home as a family.

I left the medical details out for privacy.


Feeling Thankful

I thank God for his protecting our little one and bring us back home as a happy family.

We are surrounded by wonderful friends who cared for us so well in our time of need…what a blessing!

When we were back home, we had family from out of town come visit us and it was very relieving.

Some of you from the PF community reached out asking if everything is okay…thank you for reaching out…I really appreciate it.

The good news is kiddo is back to her good old self and is back to school.


Returning to Normal

This past week shook us and left Sarah and I completely drained. Life is slowly returning back to normal.

That means I took a complete break from blogging and social media.

I watched the first season of Goliath (Amazon Prime show) within two days…I know it sounds crazy but it took my mind off and helped me relax a bit.

If are a reader of Stretch A Dime, and are wondering what happened, and why Michael is MIA (missing in action)…

Oh well, you know now :).


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12 thoughts on “Life’s Curveball”

  1. So glad to see your return, Michael. The day you received that call from kiddo’s school was probably the scariest day of your life. Yes, some of us were a bit concerned when suddenly you got very quiet! I’m happy to hear your child is OK and that things are returning to normal.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Groovy! Glad to be back 🙂

      You bet, it was super scary 🙁 So glad that all is well now.

      Thank you so much for reaching out and checking if everything was okay. That was so kind of Mr. Groovy and you. I appreciate it very much!


    1. Welcome back, Brian! Yes, all is well.

      Wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


  2. I hadn’t seen you around for awhile and was wondering what was going on. I’m so glad to hear that everybody is doing better. Hope you all have a great Christmas and even better 2017!!!

  3. I was wondering about you, Michael! I’m glad everything turned out okay for you and your family!

    It can be so emotionally and physically draining to have a child sick and in the hospital. It’s such a relief when it’s over. I’ve been there. You definitely need to take your time to rest and recover. Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. Glad to hear your kid is okay! I’m not a parent and can’t imagine what that must have felt like. I feel like when your kids are sick there must be a helplessness like no other feeling. Again – happy to hear they are home!

    1. Hi Matt,

      Welcome to Stretch A Dime! Thank you, we are so glad to be back and all is well 🙂


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