7 thoughts on “Retirement Account Performance – CY 2016”

  1. Great job on the performance of your investments and in explaining your process, Michael!

    We’ve been re-balancing, too, and we’re also keeping a 40/60 bond to stock portfolio for now. We’re following the Kitces/Pfau glidepath strategy which has us being more conservative in the first few years of retirement. In 2016 we just about matched the S&P 500 with app. an 11% return.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Groovy! My asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing have been strictly by the book and it has produced good returns. It is great that your asset allocation helped achieve market results. What it the Kitces/Pfau glidepath strategy? I would like to look into it.


  2. Right now we are 100% in equities. I really like the asset allocation that we have within equities and I believe that it is pretty balanced in a bull and bear market. But we will definitely see if a bear market ever comes 🙂

    1. 100% equity? Wow you are a brave man MSM!:) You have got me curious. May be, we can discuss asset allocation next time we chat.


  3. Excellent performance! Although I’d be way too chicken to put so much in stocks. We are lucky that our main retirement account (Rick’s firefighter pension) has a guaranteed ROI of 5% a year. Although it’s not a ton of money, it’s great for us as low risk tolerance people.

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