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Do you like unique and trendy high quality products? Honestly, who doesn’t?

Wouldn’t it be cool to get high quality trendy products at a reasonable price with 100% percent satisfaction guaranteed?

That sounds like a resounding “Yes” from you.




What is “The Apollo Box”?

Think of Apollo Box as your personal shopper – it is a 100% free service. Here is what they do for a living. They identify really cool high quality products – I mean they cherry pick high quality trendy products from the world’s leading suppliers and negotiate an exclusive rate for their customers.

This means you get the best pricing on trendy high quality products.


What do I like about “The Apollo Box”?

From my observations, the products that are available are unique and trendy. In addition, shipping is free for all items purchased.

If you purchase a product, and you don’t like it, you can request for a replacement, or return the product within 30 days of purchase.

Apollo Box will send you a prepaid envelope to return the product.

This shows that they really stand behind their products. Not only that, they put the customer first!

There is a wide range of products from cool electronic gadgets, woman’s accessories, home decoration, toys for kids, smart wearables, lamps, candles, speakers and the list goes on.

The point is there is something for everyone. Whether you are buying something for yourself, or you are buying a gift for your family or friend, you will find something unique and trendy at a reasonable price.


Free Membership

Membership to Apollo Box is free. I signed up and set my preferences for the kind of products that I like.

I probably get one email a month from them. They don’t thrash your inbox, I really like this about them.


Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s day is three days away. If you haven’t purchased anything yet, you might consider peeking into the Apollo Box to see what they have to offer.

If you use the coupon code HAPPYMOM, you get $15 off on any purchase over $50 between 05/01 and 05/08.

You may find something unique and trendy at a reasonable price for your mom.




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8 thoughts on “The Apollo Box”

  1. This is an interesting service and what a way to help customers get cool products at an affordable price. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Definitely looks interesting. As you note, there is value in purchasing unique, high quality gifts. It appears as if there is a lot to like. What would be something you don’t like about the service?

    1. Great question, James! Honestly, I haven’t purchased anything from Apollo Box yet, however, I plan to do so when I find something I like.

      Based on the reviews I have read online, people think that products are expensive. However, when they receive the product, they feel that they got their money’s worth and what they paid was very reasonable for the high quality product they received.

      This is the impression I get based on a quick search I did.


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