TopCashback Review

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A friend of mine always used to tell me – “As long as you are alive, there are two things you can’t avoid – death and taxes”.  There is a third item to the list – as long as you are alive, you are always consuming.




By nature, I am frugal and conservative. The best place for your money to be is in your wallet or bank account or invested through your brokerage firm.  However, if you have need and have decided to make an online purchase of just about anything, you are always looking for a deal / coupon / cashback.


TopCashback Review

This is where TopCashback comes into the picture. They have partnered with 3500+ merchants and are always featuring and running cashback promotions. Here is an example of how you it works and how you can benefit from it:

  1. You need something and you have decided to buy that from Walmart.
  2. You sign up as member at Topcashback website and login
  3. You see or search for Walmart
  4. You find that Walmart is running 5% cashback promotion for making an online purchase
  5. You click through and go to Walmart site from Topcashback
  6. You make your purchase.
  7. TopCashback would collect the cashback
  8. TopCashback will send updates to you on cashback status.
  9. Once TopCashback has the funds, you can withdraw the money via ACH, Paypal, or gift card.


It is very straightforward. You could save a few hundred dollars a year by planning and making your purchases online through TopCashback. The membership is free. All you need to do is to sign up with your email address and start saving money on your online purchases.

Guaranteed the highest rate of cash back!



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4 thoughts on “TopCashback Review”

  1. Thanks for the great overview! I’ve actually had quite a few readers tell me they have begun using this site. It might be another good one to add to the mix if you use something like Ebates.

    1. Hi Emi, Thank you for the comment. You can save a lot on your online purchases. My friend recently mentioned that he received 10% cash back when he purchased a TV by signing up with TopCashback.

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