Walmart Savings Catcher Review

I listen to the radio on my way to work. For a few days in a row, I kept listening to the Walmart Savings Catcher App ad and I just let it go.


After a few weeks, I looked it up and checked what it had to offer. Here is the simple drill down:

  • Walmart Savings Catcher is a free app you can install on your smartphone. It is available for iOS and Andrioid phones.
  • You go to the Walmart and buy the things you normally buy.
  • After you checkout at the cash register, simply scan the receipt bar code from the receipt using the Walmart Savings Catcher app.
  • Walmart looks at your receipt and compares the prices at which competitors nearby are selling what you just bought.
  • If Walmart finds a lower price, they give you cash back.
  • The cash back can be redeemed as a Walmart electronic gift card that never expires or you can transfer the Walmart bucks to American Express Bluebird account.
  • American Express Bluebird is a type of bank account that has PayPal like features to it.
  • The cash back can only be used at Walmart regardless of how you redeem it.


Over a three month period, I have scanned the receipt bar code for every purchase I have made at Walmart.

I have received 1.54% cash back of the total purchase amount during the 3 month period.

If you are like me, you make your pilgrimage to Walmart once a week for groceries.

It will take less than 30 seconds to scan the receipt right after you check out at the cash register.

That is the best time to do it so that you don’t forget or lose the receipt.

I give the app a  4 out of 5 rating. It would have gotten 5.o rating if Walmart gave real cash back instead of store credit.



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