What is your Delilah?

Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017!

Hope you all had a wonderful time off with family and friends and got to unwind a little bit.

Read the “title” very carefully, I didn’t say “Who is your Delilah?”

That is none of my business¬†ūüôā



What is your Delilah?

The question is “What is your Delilah?” What is your weakness?

Straight to the point,¬†“What is your money weakness?”

This is a fully loaded question.

I want you to pause…and ponder…for some time on this question.

Write this down on a piece of paper.


What is your greatest dream?

The next thing I want you to think of is – “What¬†¬†is your greatest dream?”¬†

Straight to the point, “What is your greatest money dream or goal?”

I hope you are not pondering over this…

Write this down on a piece of paper.


The Dream Killer

Now you have your greatest money weakness and your greatest money dream written down.


If you only read one line in this entire post, let it be this –

Your greatest weakness always works against your greatest dreams.

I know you are wondering, how could this be?

In order to explain why, I am going to use two examples. Once in a while, the cleric in me gets out Рthis is one of those moments.

Example 1:

Let me start with King David.

His greatest dream  Рwas to build a temple for God.

His greatest weakness – women.

Long story short, he killed an innocent man, took his wife, and married her.

His greatest weakness came against his greatest dream.

He never built a temple for God.


Example 2:

Let me talk about Moses.

His dream was to enter the promised land.

His greatest weakness – frustration and anger.

When he was supposed to speak to the stone for water, he lost patience and he struck it.

He paid dearly for his frustration and anger.

He only got to see the promised land but never entered it.

In both cases, you can see the greatest weakness killing the greatest dream.



Now it is a time for you to pause and reflect. How has your life been?

Specifically, how was 2016?

Did you achieve your 2016 goals?

Did your weakness interfere with achieving your goals?

The key to achieving success is to focus on your strengths and to manage your weakness.

If you don’t manage your weakness, it will cost you!

It might COST you your very dream.

Identify your weakness and manage it.

In my case, I was a spendthrift and impulse buyer. I implemented a 21 day rule to manage my weakness.

It has been very effective.


Set Goals

Study after study has shown that people who set and write down their goals achieve way beyond people who don’t.

You could write one goal for each area of your life – here are some categories think through:

  • Spiritual
  • Career
  • Family
  • Health
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Development
  • Friendships

A goal must be a SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time based) goal.

For example, in personal finance, you could write a goal like – “I am going to build a $5000 emergency fund before the end of this year.”

Then you put an action plan on how you are going to achieve that goal, take the necessary steps, monitor progress, make course corrections along the way and work towards achieving the goal before the end of the year.

Even if you ended up saving only $3000 instead of $5000, you would be far better off than you were at the beginning of the year.



To achieve anything in life, we need to set and write down our goals.

Our greatest weakness will always work against our greatest dreams / goals.

We need to identify our weaknesses and manage them. If not, they will destroy our dreams.

I encourage you to write down your goals for 2017.

Focus on your strengths and manage your weaknesses.


What is your greatest money weakness? How has it prevented you from achieving your money goals / dreams?



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8 thoughts on “What is your Delilah?”

  1. This is such an excellent post and a great twist on SMART goals. I am definitely going to be sharing this with my bible study as I think they’ll really enjoy the concept and teaching. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Writing down goals is huge! I know people tend to overlook this step because they think it’s unnecessary, but it really makes you connect and focus on that goal. I am a big believer in those SMART goals.

  3. Nice idea Michael. I think our main weakness has that there’s always been a major financial obstacle stopping us from really knuckling down and investing a lot. Hopefully in 2017 we can really get the party started.


    1. Thank you, Tristan. Wish you all the very best for a great 2017. Hope you not only meet but beat your goals in 2017!


  4. Great post Michael and I love the biblical references. I’m happy to say neither Mr. Groovy or I have a Delilah now. But I could easily say that up until recently, our Delilah was not in the financial realm, it was watching TV. Idiotically wasting time in front of a box was taking our attention away from more important goals. Now we only watch a few shows on Netflix mainly to unwind after long stints at the computer.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Groovy! Glad to hear. TV is like inflation, it takes away our time and we often don’t realize it at all. It’s great to hear that you found your Delilah and are addressing it effectively.


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